Exercise 2 Matlab (I)

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  • Goal : Practice basic Matlab commands, such as matrix variable, matrix operations, colon notation, submatrix, flow control, plot functions, script file.
  • Instructions :
    • Download and install Matlab 2019b (above) on your computer. (進入輔仁大學共享軟體網站,選擇"統計軟體",可下載 M ATLAB 2019b Windows/Mac)
      • FJU students are free to download and use Matlab. Please see FJU MATLAB License.
      • If you want to use Matlab Online (Cloud version of Matlab), you have to register your FJU mail in MathWorks and get FJU license of Matlab.
    • Read the teacher's "Matlab Tutorial", and practice the examples in the tutorial.
    • Write Matlab codes for the exercises 1~6 in the Matlab tutorial.
    • Write this report by creating a new web page in your PR course web site.
  • Readings : Matlab Tutorial by Prof. Wang
  • Report : Create a web page with text descriptions (Chinese or English) and pictures to describe
    • The problems of these exercises
    • The Matlab codes of the exercises
    • The output results of these exercises
  • Submit your web address by Google Classroom.