Exercise 1 Create a Web Site

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  • All of the home works in this course should be submitted to a web site created by you.
  • The students have to use FJU Google account: xxx@gapp.fju.edu.tw.
  • Go to Google Sites "http://sites.google.com/new", use your FJU Google account to log in, and create a web site called: "XXX website for Pattern Recognition course".
  • Fill-in your web site
    • Edit home page
      • Your personal identity information: Chinese name, school number, department, and so on.
      • Cover image: Upload your personal pictures to be the cover image of the home page.
    • Create 4 new web pages: Home, Exercise, Reading, Programming.
  • Submit your web address by Google Classroom.
  • Samples of students' web site : 1, 2, 3.

Note : DUE TO THE OUTBREAK OF COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS, students from China, Hong Kong and Macau can create FJU Office 365 account for possible video lecturing in this course. Please see INSTRUCTIONS.